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Good mobile phone coverage in the Coesfeld district

In terms of mobile phone coverage, the district of Coesfeld is one of the best covered districts in Germany. The GSM or 2G network, which is essential for telephony, is available throughout the district. Should difficulties nevertheless arise, this is usually due to very local causes such as unfavourable building materials in buildings or vehicles.

The network operators’ coverage maps provide information about mobile phone coverage in the Coesfeld district:

However, local experience does not always correspond to the official maps of the network operators. Despite the good coverage situation, there are still gaps in the mobile network in the Coesfeld district. This mainly concerns LTE or 4G coverage. Depending on the network operator, we estimate that around 90 per cent of the area is covered.

To further improve this situation, we have joined forces with Dülmener STF GmbH and REMONDIS GmbH to determine the coverage situation across the whole of the region – and to do so efficiently. We have not only caused a nationwide sensation with the mobile phone measurements carried out by REMONDIS’ waste collection vehicles but have also been able to identify gaps in coverage in areas that cannot be covered using conventional, usually expensive and time-consuming methods. This enables us to hold in-depth discussions with the network operators in the future using over 300,000 measuring points in the district. We support the search for locations and planning and help with authorisation procedures. With the available data, we can make concrete proposals for new sites and moderate discussions between network operators and local contacts.

Mobile phone measurement is now being used as the “Coesfeld model” in many other regions in Germany. For this, we have been recognised nationwide as an “Innovative Economic Development Agency” by the leading municipal associations.

The relevance of 5G coverage is also increasing in the Coesfeld district. 5G is the latest generation of mobile communications technology and enables higher data transmission rates and can therefore form the basis for new applications. All three network operators now offer 5G at least locally in the Coesfeld district. There are a total of 89 5G transmission masts in the Coesfeld district, most of which are operated by Telekom and fewer by Vodafone and Telefonica.

In some places, the providers also offer 5G using the so-called DSS method: LTE antennas can thus also be used for 5G, but the transmission rate is not as high as with “real” 5G. However, this is still sufficient in many cases. As a result, a rapid initial expansion is realised, which in many cases meets demand and is also more resource-efficient.

While Telekom already covers a large part of the area, the providers Vodafone and Telefonica are limiting themselves primarily to local areas. However, the expansion is ongoing, meaning that coverage will continue to improve. The expansion of the 5G network will thus create a further level in the good supply of digital infrastructure in the Coesfeld district.

Other projects that attempt to record the actual local coverage are

wfc is pursuing the goal of comprehensive, needs-based coverage. We can provide you with information on technology, local coverage, possible coverage restrictions due to buildings and our own options for improvements, including the construction of our own networks. We also highlight alternative technologies such as LoRaWAN.

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