High mobile network coverage

Consultancy focuses on possible applications for operational processes

In the Coesfeld district, the network operators are providing modern and almost nationwide mobile phone networks. In addition to GSM, UMTS, LTE or 5G, alternative networks based on LoRaWAN are emerging, which offer companies further application options on the way to the Internet of Things. In addition to coverage issues, wfc also advises on possible applications for LTE/5G and LoRaWAN in business processes and operating procedures.

Measuring mobile phone reception with waste collection vehicles: the Coesfeld model

Together with the Dülmen-based STF Group, the District of Coesfeld and REMONDIS, wfc 2021 has developed a method of measuring mobile phone reception using small measuring boxes in waste collection vehicles. The background to this is that there are still gaps in mobile phone coverage despite the fact that the network is generally good. The self-sufficient real network measuring box is located in the driver’s cab of the refuse collection vehicles and records the reception data efficiently and almost seamlessly during the various refuse collection routes. In contrast to measurements with mobile phone apps, it fulfils the quality standards of the mobile network operators. Two measuring boxes travelled through the district throughout 2022. As the “Coesfeld model”, the project has met with great interest nationwide, has found many imitators and has also been honoured with the special prize of the nationwide “Innovative Economic Development” award

Thanks to the recordings of the mobile phone measurements, which have now been analysed, we can now show the network operators in detail where there is a need for expansion and where there are gaps in coverage and approach them with concrete proposals for closing these gaps.

Further information on measuring mobile phone reception using the Coesfeld model

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