Awakening enthusiasm for science

zdi-network in the district of Coesfeld

As a partner of the zdi-network in the district of Coesfeld, we support the aim of promoting young people in the field of science and technology and raising awareness of career prospects in STEM. zdi stands for Future through Innovation. In the network, which has been in existence since summer 2018, we bundle existing science and technology programmes for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. We develop them further where necessary and implement new programmes, workshops and projects.

The aim is to awaken and strengthen the interest and understanding of children and young people for science and technology – so that they later make a conscious decision to train or study in this field. Special attention is therefore paid to projects that bring schools and companies closer together.

The zdi is part of the Regional Education Office of the Coesfeld district and forms the interface to schools, universities and companies as well as other partners such as the Coesfeld Employment Agency, the Münster Chamber of Crafts, the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Coesfeld District Crafts Association.

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Thomas Brühmann