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The opportunities for advancing your company are just as diverse as the challenges you need – or want – to respond to. More than 1000 state, federal and EU funding programmes offer you support. Many of them are aimed specifically at small and medium-sized companies and offer you a wide range of options, although these are constantly changing, as are the framework conditions for the funding programmes.

We will discuss which funding programmes are suitable for your company, which funding conditions must be met and how the application should be submitted so that it has a chance of success during a consultation. You do not need to have formulated any concrete plans yet. We will be happy to look together with you at where a change is particularly important and which funding programmes can be used to achieve this. If specialised knowledge is required or detailed questions need to be answered, we can support you by bringing in external experts. In many cases, you can also apply for funding for these consultancy services.

If the wide range of state, federal and EU subsidies are not suitable for your project or you do not wish to use them, there are also specially subsidised loan programmes to finance your plans – for example via KfW Bank or NRW.Bank. We will also be happy to advise you on these programmes.

Please note:

For all programmes, implementation of the project may only begin once approval for the funding has been received.

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