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Hydrogen, wind power, electromobility and photovoltaics

In order to maintain the high quality of life in the Coesfeld district and slow down climate change with a sustainable way of life and production, various pilot projects are currently underway to expand public transport services, electromobility including the necessary charging infrastructure and the cycle path network. In the wind power sector, more wind turbines were connected to the grid last year than anywhere else in NRW. In the area of photovoltaics, the district of Coesfeld is currently examining all potential on open spaces and is informing businesses intensively about the advantages of PV systems on company roofs. Preparations are also underway for safe and uncomplicated access to the energy of the future: hydrogen.

The Coesfeld-Höven biogas processing plant is to be supplemented by a power-to-gas plant as early as 2024. The plan is to feed up to one million kWh of green hydrogen into the natural gas grid every year in addition to the biomethane that has been produced since 2014 – and thus provide households and companies with more sustainable gas.

Hydrogen pipelines secure supply for companies

The planned power-to-gas plant in Coesfeld-Höven. Visualisierung: Ingenieurbüro H. Berg & Partner GmbH

In order to be able to safely use pure hydrogen in production processes or as an alternative drive technology in bus and lorry transport, preparations are underway for the construction of grid connection points on three hydrogen pipelines that will run through the district of Coesfeld. These are due to go into operation between 2024 and 2030 and will exclusively transport green hydrogen.

Companies will have reliable access to hydrogen supplies via a distribution network to industrial estates and larger industrial sites. This will enable them to switch production areas from fossil fuels and fuels such as natural gas to hydrogen. According to a recent feasibility study by the district of Coesfeld, a third of the hydrogen required could be produced in the region itself by 2040 thanks to the existing and growing number of PV, wind power and biogas plants. The rest will have to be imported. This means that the planned hydrogen pipelines will play a central role in ensuring a secure, sustainable energy supply in the Coesfeld district in the future.

Big photo: District of Coesfeld

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