Fibre broadband in outdoor areas

Connecting villages, scattered settlements and farms

Not only farmers and craft businesses, but also many local residents have their address outside the town sign. In the district of Coesfeld, one in eight addresses is located in one of the hundred Bauerschaften. Here, too, there is a great desire for fast Internet, in most cases even much greater than in the inner areas, as the lines originally intended for telephony do not even begin to meet the needs of today’s information age.

The outdoor areas are characterised by numerous agricultural areas and individual, scattered properties with average distances of 250 metres. The existing internet-capable telephone networks are losing their capacity here and the radio relay networks are also unable to meet the demand for data in a sustainable way.

Committed farmers ensure connection with their own efforts

Thanks to the commitment of farmers from the municipalities of Senden and Ascheberg, an innovative model has been established with the support of the WLV Coesfeld district association, which enables all residents outside the village sign to implement a fibre broadband connection with their own contribution: the #FTThof model. Citizens’ broadband projects of this kind have now been realised in all municipalities in the Coesfeld district.

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