Fibre broadband in business parks

The backbone of digitalisation

For companies, the importance of a gigabit-capable connection to the Internet is increasing enormously. In addition to bandwidth, latency (signal propagation time) and the security and quality of the connection also play a role here.

The expansion efforts of recent years, which in many places have been carried out by private network operators and local municipal utilities, have created very good conditions for companies in the business parks: Fibre broadband connections (FTTB) can be booked in almost all business parks. And in line with the high expansion momentum, we are working with the others to ensure a fibre broadband supply here too in the future.

However, not all companies are based in business parks, which is why we are also trying to offer them the opportunity to obtain a fibre broadband connection via the inner and outer area strategies.

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Dr. Jürgen Grüner