Living and working in the Coesfeld district

The district of Coesfeld lies in the centre of Münsterland. Anyone who lives or works here is not far from the countryside, the nearest town or the nearest castle. The district of Coesfeld has the highest density of castles and palaces in NRW – and has had the lowest unemployment rate in NRW for years. With these two key figures it is already said: it is good to work here. And live. Among people who cherish their traditions, look after each other and their guests and enjoy telling their stories. Sometimes in High German, sometimes in Münsterland Low German.

But the district of Coesfeld is even more than that: with a very broad mix of businesses and an equally diverse range of tourist attractions, it offers a choice that is equally great for work and leisure.

The district of Coesfeld

It is also typical of the people in the Coesfeld district: they like to look ahead. What are the challenges of the future? Let’s tackle them! Fast Internet is one of them. All schools in the district have broadband access or will have it once the current projects are completed. Overall, a fibre optic connection is available at three quarters of the addresses, and in industrial estates and rural districts it is even nine out of ten. This puts the district of Coesfeld in the top position in NRW, even ahead of the metropolises and independent cities. How has it achieved this? With systematic cooperation, creativity and personal initiative, especially among farmers, who have worked in digging associations to lay the empty conduits for the fibre optic cables in places where it is not financially viable for the network operators.

Another challenge that the district is currently addressing is mobility. How can residents get from A to B quickly and in an environmentally friendly way? Express buses, car sharing, e-bike hire, mobile stations and digitally organised car pools are just some of the projects that will ensure that life in the district of Coesfeld will be even more liveable, modern and closer to nature in the future.

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