Operational mobility

Our support for the transport transition

Transport is currently one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Road transport in particular contributes significantly to climate change and is responsible for air and noise pollution. There is therefore an urgent need to decarbonise the transport sector and make it more sustainable.

Furthermore, fossil fuels used to power vehicles are finite and their availability will become increasingly uncertain in the future. Switching to renewable energies and alternative drive systems can therefore also increase security of supply.

By reducing the space used for transport and creating more space for green areas and public spaces, the transport transition can contribute to improving the quality of life in cities. This also applies to sustainable mobility planning and the consideration of alternative options in commercial areas. They can help to improve people’s health by improving air quality and promoting physical activity.

The wfc advises companies on modern options and brings transparency to the variety of providers and products. So that companies in rural areas are not only accessible by car.

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Sebastian Schulze Baek
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