Our values

In the interests of nature, the environment and family friendliness

A sustainable approach to our environment and resources is one of wfc’s core values.

We take sustainability goals into account in our offers for companies, in the further development of the site and, of course, in our own actions.

Most of wfc’s emissions are caused by mobility, which is why we enable mobile working on a large scale.

  • we enable mobile working on a large scale
  • we organise many appointments digitally
  • we often organise events digitally or in hybrid form
  • we use e-car sharing for business trips
  • we provide subsidies for job tickets


  • we obtain electricity from renewable energy sources
  • use water, electricity and heating energy sparingly
  • use recycled paper
  • use materials and products that are as sustainable as possible and certified as such
  • pay attention to sustainable, socially just supply chains and production methods when purchasing
  • pay attention to sustainability criteria when organising events in terms of accessibility and the range of food and drink on offer
  • Eco-profit process

Eco-profit process

From the beginning of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, we took part in an ECOPROFIT process to determine the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we cause each year and began to reduce them. We received the ECOPROFIT Company 2023 award for this, and many of the above-mentioned guidelines for action that we are now implementing emerged from this process.

However, participating in ÖKOPROFIT also served the purpose of being a role model and being able to support companies with our own experience. This is where we see our greatest creative potential:

As a driving force, process facilitator, mediator and bridge between business and administration, we carry the sustainability goals and the possibilities of sustainable management to the outside world – and thus promote a sustainable approach to the environment and resources beyond our own borders.

Reconciling work and care at wfc

A central part of wfc’s corporate culture is the compatibility of work and family life. This includes not only flexibility and appreciation for childcare, but also for caring for relatives. Through dialogue, we find the best possible solution for everyone.

We have signed the charter on “Reconciling work and care in North Rhine-Westphalia” in order to not only provide our employees with fundamental support in reconciling work and caring for relatives, but also to communicate the issue internally and externally. This means that we are part of the network of care-sensitive employers and also offer our employees information about the legal framework as well as the support and counselling services available from us and the local authorities.

Ihre Ansprechpartner
Dr. Jürgen Grüner
Sebastian Schulze Baek