Protecting the climate and saving energy with integrated concepts

Coesfeld District ClimatePact

The Coesfeld District ClimatePact is a regional network to support climate protection activities in the district. It is intended to promote the transfer of knowledge on the topic, create identification, initiate climate protection projects and serve as a platform for public relations work and external presentation of climate protection activities in the district of Coesfeld.

The ClimatePact is part of the district’s integrated energy and climate protection concept, the main objectives of which are to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Another important aspect is preparing for the consequences of climate change, i.e. climate impact adaptation. Rural regions in particular are facing complex and constantly changing challenges due to climate change with hot and dry summers, heavy rainfall, cyclones and flooding. This is why the district of Coesfeld wants to position itself as climate-resilient in order to remain liveable and sustainable.

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