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Service Onboarding@Münsterland

The region and its most beautiful aspects are the focus of the Onboarding@Münsterland service provided by Münsterland e.V. to attract skilled labour. In cooperation with the regional management organisation, wfc wants to show applicants not only a job, but also the region – and bind them to it in the long term.

Support in the application process

Onboarding@Münsterland supports and supplements the normal application process and offers applicants information about the Münsterland region, housing, leisure activities and childcare. After all, the decision in favour of a job is always also a decision in favour of a living space. That’s why not only the hard facts such as salary, holiday days and company car count in an application process, but also the soft factors: What kind of region is this where I will be working? Can I imagine my future here? What career opportunities does the region offer for my partner and what leisure and cultural activities are available?

Individual counselling on the living environment

The idea of the programme is to offer companies a supplement to the existing application process, which also supports them in their public relations work and regional marketing. In addition to their job interview at a company, applicants can also take advantage of the Onboarding@Münsterland service and receive counselling from Münsterland e.V. at the company, at a location of their choice or by telephone. Questions about the partner’s career prospects are answered, as are those about caring for relatives and choosing a place to live.

More detailed information about the services on offer and about the lifestyle in Münsterland as a whole, as well as detailed information about all the locations in the region, can be found at

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