Fibre broadband in the interior areas

Connecting residential areas, city centres and town centres

Citizens are looking to connect to high-speed internet for working from home, video streaming, etc. Local politics and administration are providing support as part of the provision of services of general interest and coordinating the common interest of local people in the eleven towns and municipalities of the district of Coesfeld with 45 localities of different sizes. The mostly demand-oriented expansion projects of the telecommunications providers in Ascheberg, Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Dülmen, Havixbeck, Lüdinghausen, Nottuln, Nordkirchen, Olfen, Rosendahl and Senden have met with great interest and have ensured that sustainable fibre broadband (FTTB/ FTTH) for fast Internet is now being used in almost all localities.

Inner areas are characterised by dense development, in large parts single-family houses, in the centre rather multi-family houses. In addition to the long-standing internet-capable telephone and TV cable networks, comprehensive fibre broadband networks (FTTH/ FTTB) have already been created in many localities through private sector involvement. The expansion efforts of FTTH/ FTTB network operators are focussed on local areas and therefore generally stop at the town sign.

This broadband expansion is purely private and does not require public funding. The expansion is made possible by innovative laying methods (“shallow laying”) and sufficiently high initial demand, which is usually generated in a time-limited demand bundling. This model continues to be the dominant and preferred means of choice for nationwide fibre broadband coverage.

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