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Health starts in many places: Sport, exercise and a sensible diet, of course. But it also means not being under constant stress, finding relaxation, having a friendly working atmosphere and being able to cope with mental stress. Only healthy and satisfied employees are productive – and successful for the company. Company health management can also reduce the number of sick days, strengthen employee loyalty and score points in the competition for skilled labour.

The HealthyWorking network aims to provide companies – from the smallest to the largest – with suggestions and assistance to support employees in their health. It offers easy access to the topic of occupational health management (BGM) and regular short workshops on various trends and programmes.

JobHealthy: BGM step by step

The HealthyWorking network has developed the JobHealthy programme to enable small and medium-sized companies with ten or more employees to offer tailor-made occupational health management – without overtaxing them in terms of time and personnel.

One or two employees of the participating companies are instructed by experts from the HealthyWorking Network on how they can promote occupational health in the company themselves. The concept is developed, implemented and the success of the measures subsequently measured step by step in a 15-month process.

Further information on JobHealthy

Guide to occupational health management

An initial introduction and overview of the topic is provided by our “Occupational Health Management” guide, which was developed in collaboration with the “Oecotrophology – Facility Management” department at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

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